Utility Rebates for Energy Efficient Data Centers & Server Rooms

Posted by Kim Otte on Nov 12, 2009

Data centers and server rooms require large amounts of energy to operate and the push now is to reduce the use of energy in data centers - green initiatives. Additional encouragement is coming from utilities throughout the United States in the form of energy efficiency rebates and incentives.

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Tags: data center cooling, data center design, data center energy management

Ensure Uptime - Perform Load Bank Testing on Data Center Generators

Posted by Paul Golden on Nov 2, 2009

Data Centers and other critical facilities rely heavily on power to give it the ability to perform. Testing the power in your facility is something that should be done because you need to know your backup power in your data center is strong enough to handle even the heaviest of loads.

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Tags: Data Center, preventive maintenance, emergency backup generator, data center generators