Microsoft Exploring Fuel Cell-Powered Datacenters via the Server Rack

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Nov 18, 2013

New research from Microsoft examines potential for powering data centers with fuel cells. Using fuel cells to power server racks instead of hooking data centers up to the electricity grid could realize opex and capex savings.

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Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Is Going To Build A $250M Data Center In Finland

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Sep 18, 2013

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is planning to invest $250 million into a new data center in Finland decreasing Microsoft’s latency and expanding service capabilities for their European customers. Microsoft’s modular datacenter architecture works with the climate in Finland.

This is the second major international data center in the country. Google is building a data center from a repurposed wood pulp plant in Finland.

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Microsoft plans for $677M data center expansion in Iowa

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Jul 5, 2013

Microsoft has received tax incentives to help it with a $677 million expansion of west Des Moines, Iowa data center.

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Microsoft and Google By-The-Minute Cloud Billing

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Jun 8, 2013

Microsoft introduced  Windows Azure introduces pay-by-the-minute feature” for virtual-server instances in its Windows Azure cloud. This is something that Google announced earlier.

Microsoft offers no minimum-use commitment. Google requires a minimum of 10 minutes. Developers also often do not need to spin up a VM for an entire hour.

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Microsoft Will Back Xbox One with 300,000 Servers

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Jun 1, 2013

Microsoft announced that Xbox One will be backed by 300,000 Servers it is News story Don Mattrick: Xbox One Launch Event, that

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