2015 Data Center Infrastructure Trends

Posted by Chris Parlee on Mar 23, 2015

By Kenneth Rapoport, Founder and CEO, Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC)

Through my experience and hands-on approach to running Electronic Environments Corp. (EEC) for 28 years, I’ve witnessed what can make or break a facility. During this time I’ve seen trends within the industry – some that stuck and others that dissipated. 

With a new year upon us and technologies like cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) evolving at an unprecedented rate, data centers are undergoing massive-scale transformation that is changing how these facilities operate on a fundamental level.  If you are a data center owner or operator, or intend to be one in the future, you should pay close attention to three developing trends this year: in-row cooling, eco-mode for Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems and rack-mounted Power Distribution Units (PDUs).  By embracing these new trends early on, you can ensure your facility is ahead of the curve, by offering the most modern technology solutions and accommodating a wide variety of customer needs. Let’s look further into exactly what these trends are and how they can help you create a superior data center environment:

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Proactive Preventative Maintenance Results in Cost Savings

Posted by Chris Parlee on Aug 14, 2014

Originally posted on Data Center Post On August 14, 2014

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Why Data Center Managers Must Perform UPS Maintenance

Posted by Kim Otte on Feb 26, 2013

Your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system needs to remain in peak operating condition in order to keep your critical facilitiy’s equipment protected during unplanned outages. The loss of any business critical systems can be staggering; therefore – facility and data center managers must perform regular UPS maintenance to make sure critical systems stay running in the chance of a sudden loss of power or voltage drop. In this article, we will talk about UPS maintenance, extending the life of your UPS batteries and capacitor replacement recommendations.

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You Can't Afford to Ignore Data Center Maintenance

Posted by Kim Otte on Jul 9, 2012

We want to share a great article from The Data Center Journal regarding Data Center Maintenance and how critical it is in keep your facility up and running. It points out that lack of data center maintenance is the root cause of anywhere from a third to a half of downtime
events in the data center. It also mentions the 2011 study of data center managers conducted by Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Emerson Network Power: This study shows that on average the cost of data center downtime was approximately $5,600 per
minute, and the survey's average reported incident length of 90 minutes makes the average cost of a single downtime event to be approximately $505,000surely that is something most data center managers cannot afford. Here is an excerpt from the article:

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Recorded version of Data Center Webinar now available

Posted by Kim Otte on Jan 3, 2011

The recorded version of our recent webinar:
"Proactively Managing Your Data Center Infrastructure"
is now available to view.

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