Advancements in 380VDC Power Offer Data Centers New Opportunities to Reduce Energy Loss and Improve Reliability

Posted by Chris Parlee on Oct 30, 2014

By Jim Stark, P.E. Principal of Engineering, Electronic Environments Corporation

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Level 1 Data Center Assessments

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on May 22, 2013

Is your data center operating at peak performance? 

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Why Data Center Managers Must Perform UPS Maintenance

Posted by Kim Otte on Feb 26, 2013

Your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system needs to remain in peak operating condition in order to keep your critical facilitiy’s equipment protected during unplanned outages. The loss of any business critical systems can be staggering; therefore – facility and data center managers must perform regular UPS maintenance to make sure critical systems stay running in the chance of a sudden loss of power or voltage drop. In this article, we will talk about UPS maintenance, extending the life of your UPS batteries and capacitor replacement recommendations.

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Why Preventive Data Center Maintenance is Important

Posted by Kim Otte on Oct 19, 2009

Preventive data center maintenance is one of the key approaches to protecting a facility through detection of potential points of failure before the deficiency initiates a system-wide malfunction, this is key for mission critical facilities. What if the output of your UPS or DC power system was interrupted for even a few seconds? This would cause a huge disruption in your critical load, which in turn could cost your business serious downtime and money.

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