Posted by James Stark on Feb 28, 2013

(The 90's called... they want their data center back)

Should you consider upgrading your legacy data center? Ten years ago, yours was a state of the art data center. At a height of twelve inches, the raised floor was more than adequate to deliver enough supply air to cool a heat density of 75 to 100 watts per square foot, while accommodating a sea of power and data cables. Monolithic CRAC units were lined up along the perimeter of the room like a rectangular Stonehenge, pushing air at tens of thousands of cubic-feet per minute (CFM) in an effort to achieve an ambient temperature around 70ºF. The UPS utilized the latest technology, boasting efficiencies above 90% as long as the load was at least 50% of the rated capacity. Your data center might have even included N+1 redundancy. You may still remember that new data center smell…

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Why Data Center Managers Must Perform UPS Maintenance

Posted by Kim Otte on Feb 26, 2013

Your Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system needs to remain in peak operating condition in order to keep your critical facilitiy’s equipment protected during unplanned outages. The loss of any business critical systems can be staggering; therefore – facility and data center managers must perform regular UPS maintenance to make sure critical systems stay running in the chance of a sudden loss of power or voltage drop. In this article, we will talk about UPS maintenance, extending the life of your UPS batteries and capacitor replacement recommendations.

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