Report - 2013 Cost of Data Center Outages

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Jan 1, 2014

Emerson-Ponemon Institute published a report “2013 Cost of Data Center Outages” of more than 450 U.S.-based data centers with the following results:

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The Year in Downtime: The Top 10 Outages of 2013

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Dec 18, 2013

Here are the top ones featured in Data Center Knowledge:

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3 Emerging Energy Trends Data Center Management Should Consider in 2013

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Sep 17, 2013

Here are a few of the largest trends emerging in the effort to conserve energy:

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Gartner Says Worldwide IT Spending on Pace to Reach $3.8 Trillion in 2013

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Jun 24, 2013

“Cloud computing, in particular, continues to increase compared with prior years, driven by economic conditions and a shift from capital expenditure to operational expenditure, potentially important factors such as faster deployment and reduced risk.”

~Christine Arcaris, research director at Gartner

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State of the Data Center 2013 Survey Results: Data centers show signs of 'green fatigue'

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on May 24, 2013


Uptime Institute recently published results of a new survey of data center operators (1,000 respondents at data centers worldwide), suggesting that green fatigue is setting in when it comes to making data centers greener.

  • 50% of respondents in North America said they considered energy efficiency to be important to their companies (down from 52% last year and 58% in 2011).

  • Data centers with more than 5,000 servers are far more likely to have invested in new infrastructure and expansion projects.

  • Half the respondents manage three data centers or more.

  • Less than 1 in 10 respondents said they were using prefabricated, modular components. More than half said they had no interest in doing so.

Smaller data centers tend to have fewer engineers and less money to devote to energy efficiency projects.

Green initiatives may include raising server inlet temperatures and installing variable-speed fans, are seen as somewhat risk.  Many green initiatives are aimed at reducing the use of energy (less expenses and higher profits).

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