New Online Course Helps Data Center Operators Get Management Buy-in

Posted by John Thornell on Oct 22, 2014

EEC clients that run efficient, reliable data centers tend to have one thing in common: Management buy-in.

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INFOGRAPHIC: A Walk through Data Center History with EEC

Posted by Chris Parlee on Sep 15, 2014

Originally posted on Data Center Post On September 12, 2014

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Level 1 Data Center Assessments

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on May 22, 2013

Is your data center operating at peak performance? 

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Maintaining Your Data Center Computer Room Air Conditioning Unit

Posted by Kim Otte on Sep 27, 2011

There are a few important questions that facility and data center managers need to ask themselves to make sure they are on the right track in terms of timely and proper computer room air conditioning (CRAC) equipment maintenance; these include: What maintenance needs to be done on the equipment? When? How often?

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Don't Miss EEC at the Telecom Exchange in New York City

Posted by Kim Otte on Jun 13, 2011

Don't miss out on this great networking event designed to navigate telecom network operators through the many colocation and connectivity options in and around the NY Tri-State area. Telecom Exchange is designed to grow the neutral playing field and showcase all colo providers, data center providers and local and international network providers that are located in the NY area.

Electronic Environments will have a table at the show, stop by and say hello to Mike Farber and Ed Tarnawski - they will be able to help you with all of your telecom or data center physical infrastructure needs, including design/build, site repair & maintenance, cooling and energy efficiency solutions. EEC has been providing these services to telecom and data centers site for 25 years.

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Are You Managing the Energy & Airflow in Your Data Center

Posted by Kim Otte on Feb 2, 2011

We have all heard many statistics in recent years about how much money is being spent on powering data center servers and the infrastructure supporting them. Keeping up with demands from power and cooling technology and equipment is tough.  

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Free Webinar - Proactively Managing Your Data Center Infrastructure

Posted by Kim Otte on Nov 23, 2010

Don't miss out on our upcoming Webinar - Proactively Managing Your Data Center Infrastructure: Power - Cooling - Maintenance

Date: December 8, 2010
Time: 2:00pm EST
Register at this link:

When people talk about a power or cooling issue, it usually means a couple of things: Either you haven’t planned properly, or you have an imbalance of power and cooling.

No company wants to face the hassle and expense of replacing its data center—or even any of its components—until it absolutely has to. Yet many are lax when it comes to proactively managing the power and cooling infrastructure.

This webinar will give you some valuable information on the common power, cooling and maintenance problems found in data centers today and what to do to avoid them.

Don't miss out.
Register at this link:

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Utility Rebates for Energy Efficient Data Centers & Server Rooms

Posted by Kim Otte on Nov 12, 2009

Data centers and server rooms require large amounts of energy to operate and the push now is to reduce the use of energy in data centers - green initiatives. Additional encouragement is coming from utilities throughout the United States in the form of energy efficiency rebates and incentives.

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