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When Should You Upgrade Your Data Center Equipment?

Posted by James Stark on May 9, 2018

EEC has been maintaining data center critical infrastructure for over 30 years. Over that period of time we have collected data on equipment longevity and the factors which can contribute to equipment failure.  Since most data center grade equipment is designed to last a decade or more, there is a tendency to take its reliable operation for granted.

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Avoid Hidden Causes of Downtime

Posted by James Stark on Dec 13, 2017

Power outages cost businesses thousands of dollars per minute and the responsibility of ensuring you have uninterrupted power is a daunting task. 

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3 Keys to Improve Reliability and Operational Efficiency of Your Electrical Systems

Posted by James Stark on Dec 5, 2017

Maintaining dependable electrical systems is critical to ensuring operational efficiency in your facility.The lost revenue associated with an infrastructure failure can be devastating,when existing equipment is not evaluated its reliability becomes unknown. When equipment and systems are required to be in continuous operation, periodic evaluation and maintenance are imperative.  Proactive electrical maintenance services are critical to avoid system failures.

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Posted by James Stark on Feb 28, 2013

(The 90's called... they want their data center back)

Should you consider upgrading your legacy data center? Ten years ago, yours was a state of the art data center. At a height of twelve inches, the raised floor was more than adequate to deliver enough supply air to cool a heat density of 75 to 100 watts per square foot, while accommodating a sea of power and data cables. Monolithic CRAC units were lined up along the perimeter of the room like a rectangular Stonehenge, pushing air at tens of thousands of cubic-feet per minute (CFM) in an effort to achieve an ambient temperature around 70ºF. The UPS utilized the latest technology, boasting efficiencies above 90% as long as the load was at least 50% of the rated capacity. Your data center might have even included N+1 redundancy. You may still remember that new data center smell…

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