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R-22 Phase Out.  What You Need to Know!

Posted by Admin on Jun 19, 2018

The Phase of R-22 is just around the corner!

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A Guide for Developing a Strategic Emergency Power Plan

Posted by Admin on Apr 24, 2018

Planning for the inevitable power outage can be thought of as a continuum from no backup power to complete coverage of all circuits in all locations. There is no single point on that continuum that is right for every business. For some businesses, locking the doors and waiting for power to return might be a viable alternative. For others, full operation for the duration of the outage is the only option. For most companies with branch operations, the best solution is often a strategic mixture of coverage based on the critical nature of products or services, location, population density or any number of other factors.

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Case Study: How EEC was able to improve reliability, increase emergency power capacity and deliver a system that is more user friendly for the operations staff of a mission critical facility.

Posted by Admin on Dec 20, 2017

The Nashua Police Department needed to replace an aging elelectrical system and emergency generator. These systems are supporting a mission critical facility, including 911 services and police operations.  Learn about the challenges they faced and how EEC went about solving this problem

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Innovative Electrical Construction Services

Posted by Admin on Nov 30, 2017

Known for handling critical infrastructure supporting data centers, you can trust us with the rest of your electrical systems.  EEC has been providing electrical construction services for our clients facilities for over 30 years. We offer a diverse range of electrical services to help with your commercial office space renovations, tenant fit-outs, laboratories, etc.  Our qualified crews are ready to get started on all of your projects.  Find out why companies like Eversource, MilliporeSigma, Digital Federal Credit Union, Hanover Insurance Group, Steward Healthcare and hundreds of other companies choose EEC. Learn more about our Electrical Construction Services (Link)

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