Potential Improvements for Data Center Racks

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Oct 2, 2013

Data Center Racks resized 600

There is a great variety of rack products. What do surveys show that the users actually want?

Here is a list:

* Ability to distribute racks internationally.

* Allow adjustment to new high-density applications.

* An electronic lock (i.e. a proximity card swipe (logged access)).

* Better airflow management for network gear.

* Easier time attaching power distribution units.

* Enough depth (at least 40 inches) for modern gear and room for maintenance.

* More flexibility in cable management.

* Order to delivery should take no longer than 10 business days.

* Rack side panels are generally weak.

* Racks and cabinets should come with casters.

* Simplifying adding and removing side panels or other main components.

* Standard size (Most come close to, but not precise; as an example, standard floor tiles are 24x4 inches).

* Well-thought-out add-on options for containment.

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