Data Center System Downtime: Causes, costs and strategies

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Oct 3, 2013

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What are the key causes to networks being down? How do downtimes affect companies and what are some key strategies that companies should implement?

As much as 75% of downtime is the result of some sort of human error. Here are a few reasons why people may make mistakes:

* In a rush, tired.

* Lack of planning - layout, poor labeling.

* Taking a shortcut.

* Lack of training.

How are businesses impacted with downtime:

* Corporate image.

* Loss of customers.

* Morale is affected.

* People's lives at risk.

Ways to prevent:

* Adequate funding levels for operating expenses

* Document - the point of failure, what broke, what needs to be fixed, how it should be fixed and the final result.

* Facilities and computing maintenance program for each piece of equipment.

* Investigation protocol in place - determine the root cause and steps to take in the short and long term.

* Stable environment creates a stable workflow for both staff and data.

* Staff training program.

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