Steps to Take Before a Data Center Relocation or Migration

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Nov 4, 2013

Steps to Take BEFORE a Data Center Relocation or Migration resized 600There are three steps that data center team should take when considering relocation and / or migration:

Review and survey of data center:

* Compile findings into a source of data center information.

* Determine key services data center provides.

* Establish and analyze the business priorities, planning, and budgeting constraints.

* Inventory of software, hardware, servers, storage and networking equipment.

* Interview key personnel in company to identify technical and business requirements.

* Schedule kick-off meetings.

Analysis and Design:

* Analyze and document the information you collected to prioritize business services.

* Architect migration options.

* Define and analyze potential risks.

* Determine the hardware, application, and technology requirements.

* Establish downtime.

* Prepare contingency plans to mitigate possible problems.

* Select the solution that best addresses particular business and technical requirements. 

Planning and Risk Management

* Assemble previously collected data and documentation into a plan.

* Encompasses floor layouts and rack diagrams.

* Manage exit plans with current facility and the installation plan with the target facility.

* Outline the exact tasks to complete the relocation.

* Provide detailed dependency mappings of data center. 

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