Best Practices for Data Center Security

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Nov 11, 2013

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Here are some best practices for data center security:

* Choose security technologies (virtualization-aware, enabled, with security working at network level rather than server).

* Consider future needs and objectives at design stage.

* Define policies and profiles (segmented and monitored in multi-tenant environments).

* Develop and enforce policies (context, identity and application-aware for least complexity, flexibility and scalability).

* Ensure approach taken will not limit availability and scalability of resources.

* Ensure security team is involved from day one.

* Include security and compliance objectives as part of data center design.

* Integrated families of products need not necessarily be procured from one vendor.

* Monitor everything continuously at network level.

* Monitor for missing patches, application or configuration changes.

8 Best Practices for Data Center Security from DBTA

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