Recorded version of Data Center Webinar now available

Posted by Kim Otte on Jan 3, 2011

The recorded version of our recent webinar:
"Proactively Managing Your Data Center Infrastructure"
is now available to view.

proactively manage your data center infrastructure

We had a great turn out for this webinar.

Proactive management of your IT environment is very important - it can help you find potential problem areas before they exist. Data Center and IT Managers will learn some valuable information on:

  • Common power and cooling problems found in data centers today and how to solve them
  •  Best practices for preventive and proactive maintenance of your facility's infrastructure

At the end of the webinar, we opened it up for questions - find out what other IT folks are asking and get the answers, such as:

  • What load in kw per rack should we be designing to?
  • Do you have recommendations for frequency of PM's
  • What requirements are there in order to have thermography done in the data center.
  • Which of the problems you mentioned should be tackled first?

After you view the webinar, if you have additional questions that didn't get answered, please feel free to contact us with them.

This is the first in a series of webinars that we will be offering. This being a general overview of what is involved in managing thePreventive Maintenance of data center power power, cooling and maintenance of your data center's infrastructure. Be on the look out for more in-depth webinars that will breakdown each of these main points.

We hope you enjoy the webinar and look forward to bringing you more information on these important topics.

The EEC Team



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