Emergency Response - Data Center Customer Testimonial

Posted by Kim Otte on Dec 12, 2011

During extraordinary events such as the Santa Ana Wind Storm in Southern California, Hurricane Irene and the rare October Snowstorm that hit the Northeast, EEC requires all personnel to be on-call and available to handle multiple emergencies for our critical data center and telecom customers. Take a look at what one of our data center customers had to say about our response during Hurricane Irene:

Access Northeast Data Center Provider Access Northeast is a rapidly growing Data Center Provider with a focus on Colocation, Cloud, Hosting and WAN Management.  We provide 24x7x365 mission critical services to our clients with an expectation of 100% application availability.  As part of our emergency preparedness procedures in advance of Hurricane Irene in August 2011, we deployed additional staffing to our Marlborough, MA and Waterbury, CT data centers to monitor these facilities during the storm.

At approximately 1:00AM on Sunday, August 28, 2011 during the full brunt of Hurricane Irene, our Waterbury Data Center Manager, Douglas Barry, identified a leak at the condensate pump on one of our air handling units.  He immediately called the Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC) dispatch center to request an emergency site visit.  At 2:30 AM, EEC technician Steven Thibodeau arrived onsite. Steven was able to clear a blocked drain and returned the unit to full operation within the hour, thereby preventing any service impacting issues from transpiring that could have affected customer uptime. 

Responding to an emergency maintenance call in the middle of the night is no easy task.  Driving through the heavy rain and dangerous winds to reach a service site is also daunting.  Resolving an HVAC unit issue in a timely manner is a tremendous benefit to any service provider.  However, delivering all three in unison is the EXACT reason why Access Northeast has chosen EEC as our facility maintenance partner throughout New England.  Due to the extraordinary efforts of EEC and Steven Thibodeau, Access Northeast was able to deliver uninterrupted service to our customers throughout the duration of Hurricane Irene, unlike many of our competitors in the region.  Special thanks to all parties once again.


Michael Donnellan,

Access Northeast Chief Operating Officer


Don't get left in the dark the next time there is a storm. EEC's 24x7 eEEC Technicians at customer sitemergency repair service program is an aggressive and rapid response mechanism developed specifically for Data Center and Telecommunication operations. Our philosophy is to aggressively and rapidly respond to instances of system failure with the right personnel and the right material to bring your site back up immediately.


Our technicians arrive with "crash kits" containing replacement parts for 90% of failures and have access to a vast parts inventory - we will do whatever it takes to get your systems back on-line fast.

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