Researchers Create Optical Switch With Graphene Semiconductor, Could Boost Internet Speeds

Posted by Dasha Bushmakin on Jul 28, 2013

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“We’ve seen an ultrafast optical response rate, using ‘few-layer graphene’ has exciting applications for the development of high speed optoelectronic components based on graphene. This fast response is in the infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum, where many applications in telecommunications, security and also medicine are currently developing and affecting our society.”

Dr. Enrico Da Como, Lead researcher

“The more we find out about graphene the more remarkable its properties seem to be. This research shows that it also has unique optical properties which could find important new applications.”

Simon Bending, Co-Director of the Centre for Graphene Science at Bath, Professor

Researchers from the Centre for Graphene Science at the Universities of Bath and Exeter have demonstrated by using graphene as a semiconductor. Data can be transmitted 100 times faster.

Every day, information is transmitted and processed through optoelectronic devices such as optical fibres, photodetectors and lasers. Signals are sent by photons at infrared wavelengths and processed using optical switches convert signals into a series of light pulses.

Graphene is just one atom thick, but strong.

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