3 Keys to Improve Reliability and Operational Efficiency of Your Electrical Systems

Posted by James Stark on Dec 5, 2017

Maintaining dependable electrical systems is critical to ensuring operational efficiency in your facility.The lost revenue associated with an infrastructure failure can be devastating,when existing equipment is not evaluated its reliability becomes unknown. When equipment and systems are required to be in continuous operation, periodic evaluation and maintenance are imperative.  Proactive electrical maintenance services are critical to avoid system failures.

Below are 3 Keys to Improve Reliability and Operational Efficiency of Your Electrical Systems electrical installation.png

  1. Infrastructure Data Gathering:  Circuit Audits to trace and document existing circuits from the circuit breaker to the power outlet.  Find out where your equipment is powered from and regain control of your operation. Load Studies to measure loads and power consumption trends in your facility.  How much capacity is available in your electrical systems?  Maybe there’s available capacity for your next project without outlaying a large capital expense. 
  1. Load Balancing: Unbalanced electrical loads can limit available capacity in electrical systems.  Balancing loads across phases will free-up stranded capacity in your facility.  Gain up to 30% additional capacity in your systems for future projects. 
  1. Infrastructure Upgrades: The installation of additional infrastructure equipment, based on the available capacity in your facility, can provide the flexibly and reliability that you need.  Electrical upgrades will provide piece of mind and ensure that your facility will operate reliably and efficiently.

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